Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small file with information that your browser stores on your device. Information in this file is typically shared with the owner of the site in addition to potential partners and third parties to that business. The collection of this information may be used in the function of the site and/or to improve your experience.

How was this cookie policy generated?

The software runs a deep scan of our website to uncover existing cookies, places each in the categories listed below, and provides visitors with a list for them to consent to tracking or opt out.

How we use cookies

  • To give you the best experience possible, we use the following types of cookies:
  • Strictly Necessary. As a web application, we require certain necessary cookies to run our service.
  • Preference.
    • We use preference cookies to help us remember the way you like to use our service.
    • Some cookies are used to personalize content and present you with a tailored experience. For example, location could be used to give you services and offers in your area.
  • Analytics. We collect analytics about the types of people who visit our site to improve our service and product.
  • Marketing. We share cookies with third party advertisers and/or partners to help provide you with a personalized marketing experience.
  • We also allow third party partners to put their own cookies on our website.
Last Updated: 7/10/2024