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Sergio's Seasoning
Allen Martin
Very pleased

Need mire

Well on everything

The combination of the salt and pepper is awesome


Absolutely love the spice set 😀

great blend of flavors

Sergio's Seasoning
Kenneth Stewart II
$20 for salt

This seasoning is basically all salt with a tiny bit of other spices. Will not order again.


Sergio's Seasoning
Gregory Daggett
new to it

we haven’t used it yet so i don’t know so well see!!!

Sergio's Seasoning
David Watson
Reverse Sear

Absolutely the best for reverse sear prime ribeyes and filets.
I did the exact procedure for hamburgers except for a higher temp and they came out perfect.
At least three of my fellow grillers have adopted Sergio's Seasoning for their steaks.

Bowtie Seasoning
Stacy Whillock
Bowtie seasoning

This is the best seasoning! So tasty

Pepper Mafia Seasoning
Sandy Infinger

Spices were fantastic. Love the pepper mafia spice & use Sergio’s seasoning on everything!

Sergio's Seasoning Mini
Paul Petitpierre

Sergio's Seasoning Mini

Great smell and incredible flavor.

Table 40 Seasoning
Michael Gunter

Awesome! Made Cheese bread tortilla.

Has a robust flavor with a light Smokey taste. This pepper goes from the kitchen to the grill. Taste great on burgers, steak, and if you want to kick it up a notch, pairs well with bacon.

Everything I have tried from Golden Steer Steak Company has been great. The steak seasoning is one of my favorites.

The Showman 8 OZ Filets (Set of 4)


Thank you, I loved it on my strip steak and chicken, actually I’ve used it on almost everything!

Sergio's Seasoning Mini
Kenneth Elsbree
Loved it

Used this on some grass fed NY strips last week, came out awesome, kids and adults both enjoyed

Great seasoning


Sergio’s Seasoning is the Bomb!

Have used his seasoning three times now and they were some of the best tasting steaks we have had in a long time.
John & Judy O.

Sergio’s seasoning on the east coast.

Used it on a regular ribeye and 2 dry aged ribeyes and it was $$$. Will be ordering more for sure!

The Sapphire Set
Tom Kares
Great Products!!

Order yourself some of this deliciousness!!!

I’ll stick to what I know

Sorry I even bothered. This stuff ruined my $20 ribeye

Review of steak rub

After sprinkling this on my steak I immediately tasted the difference! It’s the best that I ever used thank you for this!