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I’ll stick to what I know

Sorry I even bothered. This stuff ruined my $20 ribeye

Review of steak rub

After sprinkling this on my steak I immediately tasted the difference! It’s the best that I ever used thank you for this!

It was a great experience.

Fantastic Pepper Blend

Love, love this pepper blend! I put it on steaks and chicken and it really adds so much flavor.

Amazing flavor profile!! Used it to steak and eggs this morning and planning a prime rib for this weekend.

Love it

The seasonings are great, make everything I made for Super Bowl taste so much better.

Great product, fast shipping

It took FOREVER to open the can. We ended up prying it open with a knife. The lid is bent. You need to come up with different packaging. The pepper is good.

I’m in love with this seasoning!

The perfect blend of spices. Great on chicken, steak and even soups! I will always have this in my pantry of seasonings.

The 308: A Seasoning Set
Michael Jackson

Everything was wonderful. I tried all three of the spices and they are bar none the best. Thank you.

User error

LMAO! Cooked my steaks on a flat cast iron on the stove top. When it came time to transfer them to the oven, like the QR code on the Sergio's Seasoning says, disaster struck! The problem, the cast iron did not fit in the oven, it was too long. BTW, first time I've had that problem. In trying to find a solution the steaks sat on the cast iron too long and over cooked. The few bites that were edible were great. Sergio's was delicious, I just wish I could have eaten more. Also, the book is awesome.
Thank you,

Great taste

Iconic Pin
Charles J Stortz
Great Food and Great Service Make for a Great Dining Experience

Was in Las Vegas with a business colleague and was lucky enough to get a reservation at the Golden Steer. We each started off with the pre-game cocktail Gold Fashioned which should not be missed. Having the waiter prepare the tableside Caesar salad is always a treat but the Rib Eye was the star of the show. Perfectly cooked, tender and delicious. There was no room for dessert but the table next to us had the tableside Cherries Jubilee which was a great show. It was a great experience and wish I could find a way to get another reservation next week while in Las Vegas. I would certain recommend everyone go to the Golden Steer for the food and walk away with a real appreciation of how great service can take a dinner from great to over the top. I also now have all of the Golden Steer Pins and will wear them proudly. Thank you and hopefully will be lucky enough to get in on another cancelled reservation!!! However, if you know you are going to be in Las Vegas several months out, make the reservation now!

Table 40 Seasoning
Clay Friend
Still haven’t received

I still haven’t received my order

I love these


Sergio's Seasoning
Steve Weeks
Great Seasoning

This is the best, perfect flavor. Brings out the best in your steak.

Sergio's Seasoning
Chris Dryman

Sergio's Seasoning

Sergio's Seasoning
Joyce Curley
Steak Seasoning

Absolutely love the seasoning. Ended up ordering for my brother in law also.

Sergio's Seasoning
Joy Jacobson


Golden Steer Digital Gift Card
Kenneth E. Macdonald
Son’s Xmas gift

This was a Christmas gift for my son. He plans on using it for his anniversary coming up on Feb. 14, 2024. Hope they won’t be disappointed.
Thanks, Ken

The Sapphire Set
Maurice DiBuduo
The Best!!

Can’t go wrong with Golden Steer steak products!!

Sergio's Seasoning
Ronald McMillen
Best of the best

Dining two weeks ago is always one of the highlights of Vegas. Gave 30 Sergio’s seasonings and Golden Steer cookbooks (40) for Christmas, and was such amazing feed back, I couldn’t believe it.
Ron (Mac) McMillen

Enjoying my life long love of the Golden Steer

I’m am a native of Las Vegas and I have been going to the Golden Steer since I was a child, my mother owned a beauty salon at the opposite end of the shopping center that the Golden Steer is located. So purchasing this cook book is a very special experience for me to have the memories that go with the book. It will never replace the experiences I have had the honor of having with my family and friends over the years in this restaurant. Thank you so much for putting these into print, so in the future I can sit and look at these pictures of my life with gratitude for the years i have enjoyed so much, no matter where I am.
Christy Rudner

Sergio's Seasoning

I used Sergio's Seasoning on the Christmas Rib Roast. Sergio's Seasoning is now my go to seasoning for beef. Seraglio's Seasoning is the best you can get to enhance a steak or roast.