Online Steak Subscription: Impeccable Meat and Convenience

Online Steak Subscription: Impeccable Meat and Convenience
In America, we love our beef. We love it so much we each eat an average of 274 pounds of meat each year. And the total amount of meat consumed in the US has gone up 40 percent since 1961.

If you're one of those steak lovers but feel frustrated you can't get a fabulous cut of steak at your local grocery store, then we have the answers you need.

A steak subscription is a perfect way to make restaurant-quality steak right in the comfort of your own home.

So if you're in love with steak or know someone who is, then keep reading. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about steak and an online steak subscription.

The History of Steak
Let's warm up with a bit of steak history first. It's believed mainly that Florence, Italy, is the birthplace of steak, but the word steak was used in Scandinavia in the mid-15th century.

Legends say they had huge bonfires in Florence to cook large portions of meat. People wanted seconds of the most tender and juicy pieces to ask for more beef steak. Thus giving birth to the beefsteak we know today.

But different steaks also came around at other times. Like the Salisbury steak, which James Salisbury invented in 1897. Even today, Salisbury steak remains loved by many people around the world.

Cuts of Steak
If you're ready to beef up your brain and learn all about cuts of the best steaks, then you're in the right place.

The delicious and juicy steak on your plate first came from a great cut of meat. But when you're at the grocery store or looking to order from a steak subscription service, it can be overwhelming to decide on the perfect cut of meat. 

Don't worry, though. We'll help you get through it. All you need is a little knowledge about the types of cuts out there, and you'll know just what to look for. 

Some of the best cuts of steak are:

A filet mignon (Tenderloin) is a classic one that comes from the muscle of the backbone. This muscle doesn't do all that much work during the animal's life, so it remains a beautifully delicate cut of beef. Which also means it's the most expensive.

The filet is very lean, and don't expect to find lots of fat and marbling in it either. The filet melts in your mouth, and it's the perfect cut of meat to have any night of the week.

Next is the ribeye. This meat is from the rib section, and you'll find it full of the marbling effect. So it's packed with flavor. It won't melt in your mouth like the filet, but it is still one of the more tender cuts.

Then we have Sirloin (Porterhouse or New York Steak), which comes from the animal's hind end. It's lean, tender, and packed with flavor. But you'll find it's not as tender as a ribeye steak.

And we'll round this off with the T-Bone. Maybe you can't decide if you want filet or sirloin? Well, you can have both if you choose the T-Bone cut. It gives you the tenderness of a filet and the flavor of a sirloin all in one. But it's also much pricier.

Cooking Steak
You can still make a fantastic steak at home even if you're not able to cook on a grill outside. And you don't need many steak tools to do it either. 

Start with that great cut of meat you bought last week and use high heat no matter which cooking method you choose. 

Salt your steak at least two hours in advance. You can use cracked pepper as well on a plate and press it into the steak.

The best thing you can do is use a cast iron pan if you have one. Otherwise, a skillet will do just fine. Let the pan and oil get piping hot before you put your steak in by letting it warm up for at least five minutes.

Add your steak with butter, garlic, and herbs if you like. Sear evenly on each side for about four minutes. Use a meat thermometer to check the center temperature.

You will find medium done is about 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Rest your steak for five minutes, slice up, serve, and eat it all!

Steak Subscription Service
Using a steak subscription service is a no-brainer in this pandemic world. You are guaranteed to get the best cuts of meat available delivered right to your own home.

When you use these services, you know you're getting only the best USDA Prime Beef. Prime beef is in the top 5 percent of the best beef available you can buy. And prime beef means maximum marbling and unique buttery flavors. 

You'll find options for grass and grain-fed, all-natural, and organic beef too. The focus now is sustainable and from the farm right to your table—the type of quality you likely won't find in a grocery store.

The best thing to do is start with a starter package. These typically feed up to four hungry people and give you a combination of ribeyes and filets, which is the perfect place to start. A lot of them throw in delicious house-made sauces like butter and Au Jus.

A fantastic bonus you'll find in these starter packs is recipe tips and tricks on how to cook your steak to perfection.

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