Stories from the Steer: The Soul of the ShopKeeper

Stories from the Steer: The Soul of the ShopKeeper

Back in the early 60s, there was a local alteration shop that neighbored the Golden Steer Steakhouse. The owner of this shop was an acclaimed seamstress who did work on the extravagant costumes for all of the showgirls on the Vegas Strip. 

During this time the mob was running the town and had their teeth sunk into the small businesses forcing kickbacks in exchange for peace. The alteration shop had taken a hit in business and was not doing well. This led to the mob deciding they were going to force the shopkeeper to close and put a more lucrative endeavor in its stead. Similar to how a captain goes down with their ship, the seamstress went with her shop. 

Presently, our bar and lounge area is where the alteration shop used to reside. Our staff recount unexplainable events happening in this area often. One server was speaking with a guest late at night in the lounge area and mid-conversation saw a 3-liter wine bottle fall over and shatter the wine glasses of the credenza it sat on. He said it almost looked as if it was pushed however there was no one near it to do so.

There is also a light in this area that is over a specific bar seat and always needs to be replaced. It is believed that this is the exact location where the shopkeep met her end in this life...

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