Stories from the Steer: Uncovering the Mystery Orb

Stories from the Steer: Uncovering the Mystery Orb

About 20 years back on a slower night at the Golden Steer Steakhouse, a group of men came to dine. They were ghost hunters stopping in Las Vegas only for a layover and were going to the North East to a haunted penitentiary to look for paranormal activity. 

While enjoying their dinner they got the unnerving feeling that there might be something from the afterlife lurking in the dining room. They asked the manager on duty if they could grab their ghost-hunting equipment to do a reading of the steakhouse and see if their suspicions were correct. The manager politely declined and said they wouldn’t be paying for that and there were still guests in the dining room. The group of men insisted, said they would do it free of charge and would wait hours for the steakhouse to close and the patrons to part. The manager agreed to their offer and after the last guests in the dining room cleared out the men grabbed their equipment and instruments to begin their search. While they were walking through the dining room they entered the Western Lounge and in the back right corner captured footage of a glowing orb confirming their suspicions. 

Recently, one of our servers was talking to a party and met a lady that used to be a cocktail waitress at the Golden Steer Steakhouse in the late 60s. She was telling him all of her favorite stories from the past and showing him old pictures of the steakhouse. She even had original gift certificates that were dated “1966”.

As they were concluding their conversation she asked him “Does the saxophonist still come and play?”. He told her no not anymore as this was nearly 5 decades later. As she was sitting in our Western Lounge, she told him this used to be the bar area and he would play right there, turned around, and pointed to the back right corner.. exactly where the glowing orb was captured. At that moment the server's mouth dropped and his skin started crawling as he remembered the ghost hunter story that was told to him years before.

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Elaine Justice

Elaine Justice

I have only visited Las Vegas one time. It was sheer luck that the concierge, of a now defunct hotel, directed us to the “best steakhouse in Vegas”. It was an amazing evening and I have always wanted to return to your town just to have that experience again. I certainly understand why the musician decided to delay his entrance to heaven. God bless and thank you to your amazing staff!

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