Why You Should Absolutely Gift Steaks for Special Occasions

Why You Should Absolutely Gift Steaks for Special Occasions

Despite veganism trends, meat reigns in popularity. 9 out of 10 Americans identify as carnivores. There's no hiding it, we enjoy our meat.

This is why the idea to gift steaks isn't so far-fetched. Steak in and of itself is delicious. But a high-quality steak isn't just tasty, it is one of the best gifts for creating a lasting olfactory memory. 

Gifting meat creates a sense of nostalgia surrounding the cut and flavors of steak that will make your gift last well beyond the dinner table. Read more below on why you should give the gift of steak.

An Experience, Not an Ingredient

When you gift steaks, you aren't just giving someone a tangible product. You're giving them a fine dining restaurant quality experience in the comfort of their own home. All the displeasures associated with cooking: tedious measurements, confusing recipes, and grocery hauls are removed.

What is left behind is the artisan joy of mastering a meal. All ingredients come ready for preparation, so all the receiver has to do is season, grill, and serve.

The experience is completely customizable. You can select from a variety of steaks, some are better for grilling, searing, or roasting. And each steak gift box is not just steak, but a full meal.

Get a side of delicious garlic bread, potatoes, vegetables, and even lobster to offer a full course. Our steaks are seasoned with flavors to remember, that will have taste buds drooling for years to come. But why wait that long?

Purchase a recurring steak subscription box as a gift for others, or yourself. 

Respectable for Any Kind of Relationship

Steak can say whatever you want it to say. It's not like chocolate and flowers that is obviously a romantic gesture. And it's not as thoughtless as a gift card that says "hey, I don't really know you but I had to buy you something."

Gift steaks are perfect for just about any relationship, except maybe that one vegan you know. There are specially curated gift packages to match different occasions. 

You can choose one of our classic packages at any time. Or you can find one of the special occasion packages that suits your needs:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • New Years
  • Valentine's
  • Easter
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • The Fourth of July
  • Winter Holidays

You can even gift multiple steaks at once, removing the stress of corporate or holiday gifting. You only need a minimum of five orders to qualify for special group pricing. You don't even have to worry about packaging and mailing all the gifts, Golden Steer takes care of that for you. 

It's more like a gift for yourself to avoid all the headaches of purchasing, wrapping, organizing, and distributing so many gifts at once. All corporate gifts are shipped overnight for a timely and fresh delivery of the best steak they'll ever have. 

Remove the Stress of a Meal for Someone

Steak is a gift with purpose. Sometimes frivolous gifts are fun, but they don't get used. And physical gifts like clothes, or watches are great too, but they don't offer an experience.

With steak, you're delivering an experience, providing a consumable gift, and removing the stress of dinner or lunch for a whole day. It will leave your receivers in awe and absolute joy when they see their quick ready meal get replaced by a fancy steak dinner that can be ready in under fifteen minutes. 

Steaks Are Allergen Friendly

Food is always a great gift. But it can get complicated pretty quickly. Do they have a peanut allergy? Are they gluten-free? Dairy-free?

An estimated 32 million Americans have food allergies, and that number continues to increase. In addition, many people have food intolerances and prefer to avoid certain allergens. 

You can rest easy with steak. It contains none of the common allergens: wheat, dairy, milk, eggs, shellfish, or nuts. Whether the steak is for a distant colleague, who you don't know much about, or your best friend who is allergic to eggs, you can feel secure knowing they won't have to worry about what ingredients are in the food.

You can also be sure, for those health-nut friends that they are getting prime quality ingredients. Golden Steer heritage has been around for over sixty years.

We know that the flavor of steak starts in the quality. That is why we source from Colorado and Nebraska cows that are grass-fed and grain-finished. We've always been USDA Prime and wouldn't have it any other way. 

Steak Never Gets Old

This is a gift you can give on repeat. Whether you're stumped with what to buy, or your friend is secretly hinting they want you to get them Golden Steer for the second year in a row. A delicious steak is something people will never get tired of receiving. 

Gift Steaks to Satisfy Your Hungry Friends and Family

When you gift steaks from Golden Steer, you're not gifting any ordinary steak. This is the creme de la creme of steaks. Golden Steer is so beloved, and gained legendary status over its 60 years. 

Stars like Elvis, Frank Sinatra, and Marilyn Monroe dined at the Golden Steer- tell your recipients that! This is the most flavorful steak they will ever have, which is why our steaks have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and Eater magazine.

Steak is an experience that pleases everyone and takes care of the essential need all foodies have, living to eat. Contact us to learn more and find your perfect steak gift.