5 Ways to Prepare a Delicious Steak Box Meal for a Luxury Dinner

5 Ways to Prepare a Delicious Steak Box Meal for a Luxury Dinner
People learned how to control fire around 400,000 years ago. People have taught themselves to cook all sorts of delicious food since then. Today, we have ovens, grills, and other appliances to help us prepare food.

A steak box meal is a particularly easy thing to prepare. But once your steak arrives, what should you do with it? What should you do to make sure it is as tender and flavorful as possible?

Keep reading and learn more about how to maximize the benefits of your steak gift box. 

1. Grill It
Grilling your steak subscriptions is one of the most straightforward ways to go about preparing your steak. You can't go wrong with grilling a piece of meat, especially red meat. Using a grill requires you to use charcoal or wood chips (or both). 

These items produce aromatic smoke that soaks into the steak you're cooking. This is a sure way to give your steak a delightfully smoky flavor. It might even give your steak a bit of savory spice. 

Grilling a steak box subscription is easy too. You need to figure out how long to cook the steak. It depends on the thickness of the steak. 

It also depends on how you like your steak. If you like yours rare, you only need to grill each side of the steak for a short period. Grilling it will give the steak those characteristic char lines while keeping the inside nice and tender. 

Grilling is also a fun activity to do when inviting your friends or family to join you out in the yard. 

2. Pan-Sear It
Suppose you don't have a grill or you don't feel like grilling. Searing your shop ribeye or shop filet on the pan is another great option. When you order steaks and you want something with a delicious sear, you should use a pan. 

This will give your steak a golden brown sear that you can't get with a grill alone. But you'll have to be careful when cooking it. You can burn the exterior if you're not careful. 

A cast-iron pan is the best option. This is because it will cook the steak more evenly. Cooking steaks on a pan produces a lot of smoke, so make sure you have the kitchen fan running or open a window.

Using butter in the pan is the best way to add a bit of flavor to the steak. Basting it will help cook the exterior of the steak while keeping the inside very soft and rare. If you want your steak cooked more, you can add it to the oven for a few minutes.

3. Bake It in the Oven
Baking your steak is ideal for tougher pieces of meat. But even tender, high-quality steaks can benefit from being cooked in the oven. It is best to give it a quick sear on a pan before you put it in the oven. 

If you miss that step, the steak won't have a good sear or crust. Make sure the oven is set to the perfect temperature. You don't want the meat to cook too fast or too slowly. 

You also need to consider how cooked you want the steak. Rare and medium-rare steaks don't need to sit in the oven for very long. Five minutes or so should be enough.  

Medium and medium-well steaks may need around ten minutes. It is best to use a meat thermometer once in a while to keep track. This will help you cook it to perfection. 

Don't forget to season the steak beforehand.

4. Reverse Sear It
Reverse searing a steak is a unique way of cooking. You need to put the steak in the oven first and then put it in a hot pan. The point of this method is that it keeps your steak extra juicy. 

Using the pan first will cause your steak to shrink up and dry out. Cooking it in the oven at a low temperature first will prevent that. Set your oven to 275 degrees. 

Anything hotter than 300 degrees is too hot and will cook the steak too fast. Cook the steak for about 40 minutes. This will cook the inside while keeping it juicy and tender. 

Then put the steak on a grill or pan to give it a nice sear. That's all it takes to reverse sear a steak. Doing it this way will make sure that every bite of your steak is full of mouthwatering goodness. 

5. Steak Tartare
Steak tartare is unique because the steak is raw. This might not be appetizing to some people. But it can be delicious for those who already prefer rare and medium-rare steaks. 

Steak tartare must be prepared with great caution. If the meat or other ingredients get contaminated, you could get sick. Steak tartare is made from a very tender piece of meat which is then chopped up. 

It is mixed with flavorful herbs and other ingredients and served raw. This allows you to enjoy the true flavors of that steak. It also allows you to taste how tender the steak is with minimal preparation.

How to Prepare Your Steak Box Meal
There are many ways to prepare your steak box meal so that it is delicious and memorable. Grilling it or searing it in a pan are two common ways to do it. You can also try reverse searing it or baking it in an oven for a more interesting cook.

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