7 Wines to Pair With Your Barbecue This Summer

7 Wines to Pair With Your Barbecue This Summer

Whenever summer and barbecues come to mind we think about how robust the cooking method is. It is incredible the Maillard reaction is for cooking meats this way. 

When you are looking to pair wine with food it mainly works in two ways, comparing and contrasting. When we think about how charred food can have a comparable partner in wine, it makes a lot of sense to find wines that have been aged in charred oak barrels. The dark roasted tones that impart the wine also mirror the charred roasted expression from the grill. 

The contrasting concept is driven by the bright ripe fruit to counter the bitter taste of the charred high-temperature flame. When finding successful pairings, we just have to look for ripe new world wines aged in new oak barrels that have had medium or higher amounts of toasting.

Summer Wine Pairings:

  1. Ribeye Steak pairs well with a California Cabernet Sauvignon
  2. The Argentinian Malbec is versatile for different cuts such as Sirloin, New York Strip, and, Flank Steak
  3. For those cuts that really like to be charred an Australian Shiraz is optimal
  4. Shish Kabobs and grilled vegetables pair well with a Chilean Carmenere 
  5. For proteins like grilled chicken, a Russian River Valley Pinot Noir is your best bet
  6. You can not go wrong with a Californian Zinfandel and any classic BBQ dish
  7. Napa Valley Merlot goes great with your traditional burgers and hot dogs

Like anytime, but especially summer barbecues, it is all about having fun and exploring different kinds of wine with different cuisines that can work with your palate. Keeping those simple rules in mind when choosing what to drink with what you eat can really help make a seamless experience. 


Photo credit: Pixabay