Behind The Booth: The Mayors & Booth 11

Behind The Booth: The Mayors & Booth 11
Oscar Goodman is an American attorney and politician who served as the mayor of Las Vegas, Nevada from 1999 to 2011. Before entering politics, he was a prominent criminal defense lawyer and represented clients such as Meyer Lansky and Frank Rosenthal.

Mr. Goodman's tenure as mayor was marked by his charismatic personality and dedication to promoting Las Vegas as an entertainment hub. He played a significant role in the city's revitalization efforts, focusing on economic development and tourism. After his mayoral term, he has remained active in public life and continues to be an influential advocate for Las Vegas, building a lasting legacy. Mr. Goodman is also known for his love of martinis and his catchphrase "the happiest mayor in the universe."

Oscar's wife Carolyn Goodman is the current Mayor of Las Vegas. Before her political career, she co-owned and operated several businesses with her husband, including the renowned Oscar's Steakhouse. Mrs. Goodman assumed office as Mayor in 2011, succeeding her husband, making them the first husband-and-wife tandem to lead Las Vegas consecutively.

Known for her energetic leadership and commitment to revitalizing downtown Las Vegas, Mrs. Goodman has overseen significant economic development and urban renewal projects during her tenure. Her dedication to public service and passionate advocacy for her city have made a tremendous impact on the city of Las Vegas.

As celebrated patrons of the Steer, The Goodmans frequent their dedicated Booth, Number 11.

Image credits:
Tonya Harvey, Las Vegas Business Press