Checklist for Hosting the Best Mother’s Day

Checklist for Hosting the Best Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. For some, this is a stressful event every year. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a way to show your mom, grandma, mother-in-law, mother of your children, or whoever that special lady is in your life, how much you appreciate her. 

It can be difficult to pick out a gift for someone and stay on par with their tastes, or, on the other hand, maybe you just want to eschew the usual Walgreens card, impersonal gift cards, and generic box of chocolates. 

This year, ditch the meaningless gifts and the stress, and take Mother’s Day to a new level with our help and a few tips on how to easily show the special lady in your life how much you appreciate her. Surprise her with the best Mother’s Day meal ever. 

The Mother’s Day Setup - Schedule and Forget:

To kick off the Mother’s Day planning, skip the grocery store and prepare ahead of time by scheduling our limited edition Mother’s Day Setup to be delivered. Much like Mary Poppin’s bag, this box contains a plethora of delights, including the best steaks on earth, to make your Mother’s Day meal sweet for her and simple for you. This box includes:

  • Your choice of 2 or 4 of our USDA Prime Signature cuts
  • 2 or 4 Twice-baked potatoes 
  • Creamed spinach
  • Maitre d'Butter
  • Au Jus
  • 4 Chocolate truffles flavored like our iconic Cherries Jubilee dessert
  • Gold Confetti
  • 2 or 4 Golden Steer embroidered napkins
  • A Mother's Day Card

Once you’ve ordered this, you can check a multitude of items off your to-do list, not think about it anymore until it shows up in the mail, and move on to the next thing on your list.

Order the Flowers Ahead of Time:

Flowers are one of the easiest ways to not only add a touch of elegance and contribute to creating a fresh spring ambience to a hot meal at home, but also to show her how much you care. After all, it’s spring and everything is blooming and new life is popping up left and right. Isn’t that what Mother’s Day is about - celebrating the woman who created and nourished you? 

The best part about flowers is that they can be easily catered to everyone’s different tastes. Does she have bad allergies? Get her an adorable succulent. No need to go to the store - this part can be done easily online ahead of time. When it comes to ordering flowers, here’s a few we recommend: 

  • We always try to source locally and highly recommend, if you’re in Las Vegas, to order from Flora Couture or Miss Daisy.
  • However, if you or the flower receiver aren’t in town, we get it! In that case, we highly recommend The Bouqs Co.

You’ve now knocked out the major to-dos on your list by ordering everything ahead of time. There’s a few other touches that you can add to the meal to make it even more magnificent, but these can be done the day before - like buying the wine to go with your epic steak meal. 

Preparations the Day Before:

Buy Your Wine:

You’ve already invested in a Mother’s Day box brimming with USDA prime beef, twice-baked potatoes, and the Steer’s renowned creamed spinach, a favorite dish of the great Muhammad Ali himself. If you’re going to buy some of the best steaks on earth, then you’ll want to accompany it with some of the best wine also. 

When it comes to grabbing great wine, we recommend our wine of the month - the 2013 Domaine de la Cote “Bloom’s Field” Pinot Noir. A floral wine that’s bright and easy to drink, it embodies the essence of spring in a glass. 

Thaw Your Steaks:

The last thing to do the day before your amazing meal is to thaw your steaks properly. This step is as vital as the quality of the beef, the cut, and how you cook and season your steaks. Don’t skip over this because you don’t want part of the gift you’re giving to be food poisoning, and you don’t want to have frozen or even cold steaks when you start cooking them the next day -  this will cause them to cook unevenly. To get a jump start on thawing your steaks properly, check out our guide on how to thaw your steaks

Once you have that checked off your list, you can rest easy. Everything else can easily be accomplished the day of. 

Preparations the Day Of:

Set the Table:

To take it up a level and impress her, checkout our guide on how to set your table and tips for crafting the mood of your meal. Have fun with it! If you want to get really fancy, checkout 10 different ways you can fold the Golden Steer embroidered napkins that come in your box. 

Add the Flare:

We include gold confetti in each Mother’s Day box simply because it’s fun. It adds flare and bling. The flowers you ordered ahead of time and confetti from the box are super easy ways to up the ambience. 

Don’t forget to sign and set out the card that came in your box as well. It’s her day - does she want her chocolate truffles that are included in the box before or after the main course?

Scan the QR Code to get the Music:

We want you and your loved one to feel almost as if you were dining at the Steer itself. Scan the QR code that you received in your box. It will send you to Spotify and get some series tunes going with the Golden Steer Company playlist. 

You’re all set! The only thing left is to dive in and start cooking your meal. 

Season the Steaks:

Start by seasoning your steaks. Checkout our easy guide on how to season your steak, ensuring that they turnout with the ultimate perfection, and not bland. 

If you have extra time and are feeling adventurous, checkout our list of the best steak crusts to add amazing flavor

No matter which you choose, there are simple steps to aid you in staying on course with the seasoning process. 

Choose a Preparation:

Now’s the time to decide how to prepare your steaks. Whatever way you prefer, there are specific steps and tips we have complied to help you stay on track. Checkout our how-tos on pre searing, reverse searing, and grilling your steak. Also, here’s some quick tips on the biggest mistakes to avoid when it comes to cooking steak. 

For the real cherry on top, we’ve included our delicious Au Jus and Maitre d'Butter in the box to add the perfect juicy finishing touches to your steak and sides. 

Now is the time to start preparations on your sides as well, so turn on your oven, grab a sauté pan, roll up your sleeves, and get down to business. 

With the help of the box and our simple guides on how to cook your steaks for the ultimate steak-eating experience, you’re on course in preparing an out-of-this-world meal for her. 


With preparing ahead of time, letting the Steer help you get on course with an amazing meal for the woman that you’re celebrating today, and these tips, you are sure to give her a Mother’s Day with that extra oomph and show her what Mother’s Day is all about - loving and appreciating her.