Different Types of Lobsters

Different Types of Lobsters

When going out to eat, lobster is one of the most expensive things on the menu - and that’s with good reason. Lobster’s tender, juicy meat, when cooked to perfection, is an unmatched seafood wonder.

Right now we’re entering the best time of the year to eat lobster. The harvests are abundant, and it’s a superb time for you or your favorite restaurant to get ahold of the freshest lobster possible. This is because the summer months are the months that lobsters migrate closer to shore and shed their shells in the warmer water, resulting in them feeding much more, and therefore, becoming much easier to trap. 

When on the hunt for lobster, be it at the store or your favorite restaurant, here are three top species to look for and different factors to keep in mind. 

Warm Water Spiny Lobsters:

These lobsters have five appendages and no front claws, but they do have thick front legs and oversized antennae. Found primarily on the California coast and Caribbean, they tend to be less expensive and have an abundance of tail meat. However, warm water lobsters are mushier with a fishier taste then cold water lobsters.  A prime example is:

Caribbean Lobsters:

  • They are caught on the North American coast, throughout the Gulf of Mexico, and found on the shore of the Caribbean (like the name).
  • They are known for unique and succulent tail meat, as well as a sweet and delicate flavor. 
  • Their harvest season is August - March.

Cold Water Lobsters:

These lobsters are “true” or “clawed” lobsters and are firmer, not as fishy-tasting, and are sweeter. Found primarily on the eastern coast of the United States, Canada, and the western coast of Europe, they have five sets of walking legs and three sets of claws.  They are far more popular because they look great served in a whole form and are the typical lobster you will see when you dine out or shop. A prime example is:

 Maine Lobsters:

  • They are found on the North Atlantic coast of the United States.
  • They are known for their sweet and briny richness, as well as their fibrous and firm tail meat. They are extremely sweet, succulent, with a pronounced flavor and tender meat. 
  • They are harvested year round. 

Our Lobsters:

At the Golden Steer Steakhouse, we serve Jumbo Western Australian Lobster Tail - the lobster that’s the best of both worlds. This lobster is a cold water spiny lobster that is massive and contains 25% more usable meat then the Maine Cold Water Lobsters. The taste is far superior to warm water lobsters because the meat is firmer and not mushy, and it has a clean, sweet flavor that’s not fishy. 

Australian Cold Water Spiny Lobsters:

  • They are found in Australia (like the name). 
  • They are known for being massive and their amazing sweet flavor.
  • They are harvested year round. 


Now that you’re a pro lobster picker, keep your eyes open - in June we will begin shipping these sweet and tender beauties out from the Steer.