Finishing Touches: Our famous house-made Maitre d' Butter and Au Jus

Finishing Touches: Our famous house-made Maitre d' Butter and Au Jus


When you cook a steak, you invest a lot of time into it and take the steps to ensure it’s the best steak that you can make. You’ve taken the time to pick out the perfect cut, thaw it properly, season it fully, cook it thoroughly, rest it completely, and then slice it finely. For the ultimate steak, be sure to not forget about adding the last element - the cherry to top it off - the finishing touches. 

The way we like to finish a steak is to take our house made Maitre d’ Butter, slice a couple of slabs (typically 1.5 inches thick), and then place them on top of the steak.

Then, we take our Au Jus, heat it up, and then pour it on top of the butter. The heat from the Au Jus lightly melts the butter into the steaks, giving it moisture and allowing the garlic butter flavor to absorb into the steak itself. 

Here’s the scoop about what makes our Maitre d’ Butter and Au Jus the perfect finishing touches for your meal, be it the main course or a favorite side dish. 

Maitre d’ Butter:

Our garlic butter is house made with dozens of garlic cloves, lemon, cows’ milk butter, and seasoning. Our Maitre d’ Butter has become so popular that it is used for more than just finishing steaks. Check out four other recipes using our Maitre d' Butter.

Au Jus (about and cooking tips):

Our in-house Au Jus is extremely flavorful because we butcher all our meat in house, which means that we have leftover trimmings, and then we take those trimmings and use them to make our Au Jus. We distill it down and add in a heap of vegetables and spices, and it turns into something amazingly tasty. 

Au Jus is a must-have at the Golden Steer Steakhouse, and our love for it knows no bounds. It does exactly what its French culinary meaning says -  “with juice’. It adds delightful meaty juice to your  meal.  We use it on all of our steaks in the restaurant, as well as put it over our creamed corn and potatoes when preparing the Steer setup - which would not be the same without it and its taste bud tantalizing presence. It is rich, flavorful, and, in our opinion, hands down the best sidekick for your steaks (and more).

It’s easy to prepare our Au Jus for your meals at home. Two ways to heat it up are to put it in a skillet and turn it on to medium heat, OR a chef’s hack is to put it in a coffee cup for 45 seconds in the microwave.


Keep these finishing touches in mind from everything from your main courses to your main courses’ sidekicks. From meats and fish to veggies and carbs, these finishing touches will add impressive pizzaz to your favorite dishes.