Gift a steak box fitting for your boss

Gift a steak box fitting for your boss

October 16th is Boss’ Day in the United States. While not exactly a federal holiday, employees may take this opportunity every year to either thank their employer or get back into their good graces. Whether you want to honor the occasion in earnest or just suck up to the boss, you could do far worse than a steak box from Golden Steer. Take a look at some of our premium offerings and see if one matches your boss’ personality.

Bambino: For The Newly Promoted Boss

This type of boss became the lucky winner in a recent corporate shake-up. All their hard work is paying off, but they’re still getting their bearings in yet-uncharted waters. The Bambino starter package is a great way to get your new boss settled in and introduce them to Golden Steer steaks. Choose between ribeyes or filets, and they’ll get two steaks cut from the top 6% of beef. Au Jus, Maitre d’ Butter, recipes, and a playlist for ambiance are all included so they can celebrate their promotion in style.

The Sheriff: For The No-Nonsense Boss

You know this type of boss. They’re all business, all the time. No time for games, and wasted time is an insult. If they have any sense of humor, it’s dry. So this 30-day dry-aged, hand-carved porterhouse steak box is the perfect complement to their personality. Show this boss that you know the value of hard work and patience.

The Sammy: For The Traditionalist Boss

This boss has been working the same way for twenty years and he’s not about to change now. Match his love of tradition and routine with a steak box inspired by one of Golden Steer’s original patrons. He’ll enjoy four New York strip steaks with seasoning and sauces that have stood the test of time.

The Gunslinger: For The Outdoorsy Boss

This boss is “gone fishing” every chance he gets. He’s more at home in the wilderness than in civilization. But he’s still got bills to pay, and to the office, he always returns. Show this boss you respect his wild side with a set of four bone-in ribeye steaks. Give him something to cook over his next campfire.

Lady Luck: For The Boss Who Shakes Things Up

Is your boss the polar opposite of the traditionalist? Did she hit the ground running with grand plans to change everything wrong with your workplace? Honor that maverick spirit with a steak box that isn’t a steak box at all. The Lady Luck includes two jumbo lobster tails from Western Australia, clarified butter, and paprika.

No matter what kind of boss you have, Golden Steer has the perfect Boss’ day gift for them. All steak boxes include au jus from the butcher, Maitre d’ Butter, signature seasonings, and a curated playlist for any holiday or date night. Look at our full spread of offerings and purchase the specialty box that’s right for your boss today.