How To Choose the Best Meat Subscription Box: A Guide

How To Choose the Best Meat Subscription Box: A Guide

Now more than ever, people are looking for alternative ways of shopping for food. In fact, the global meal kit service is expected to grow to 19.92 billion by 2027, and the companies on this forefront all promise excellent and fresh food for a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, not all of these claims are true. Luckily, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about the best meat subscription box. So you will always have the best meals!

What Is a Meat Subscription Box?

A meat or steak subscription is exactly what it sounds like. You enter your information, do a quick quiz on your favorite cuts of meat, and then a specialized meat subscription box is sent to your doorstep.

Some companies allow you to handpick your meats, while others choose your meats based on your likes. Lastly, there are yearly, weekly, and even monthly meat subscriptions to choose from.

How to Find the Best Meat Subscription Box

Finding the best meat subscription can be tricky, especially if it's your first time doing a food subscription in general. But there are ways to tell if a subscription is subpar or worth your money.

For starters, look on the website and see how the cows are raised. Check if they are butchered from a third-party seller. In some cases, the subscription company will raise, butcher, and deliver the product themselves.

You should also consider other factors like if the cows are grass-fed or not. If you're not familiar, cows that are grass-fed hold lower amounts of toxins in their bodies. In contrast, cows fed with artificial feeding mills tend to contain more toxins and have less flavor.

Next, check to see how they package the meats before sending them. You should always opt for companies that work with fresh cuts of meats before packaging.

The next factor to consider is prices. So research how much you're getting in one box and the quality of meat. You should also factor in the subscription period. For example, is it monthly, weekly, yearly, or daily.

Promotions and Deals

As a new customer, some meat subscription companies will offer discounts and even a free trial. In addition, the best meat subscription box will also hold promotions throughout the year. Therefore, you'll always have some sort of discount.

Next, see if the company has any referral promos. In some cases, you may get a huge discount just by having a friend use your code. Lastly, check if the company has a rewards program. Some companies will reward their long-term customers with exclusive discounts and offers.

Personalized Subscriptions 

The best companies will have a variety of meats to choose from. However, as mentioned earlier, some companies will choose your meats based on your likes.

But the problem with this is, you may have an aversion or dislike the chosen meats. Therefore, it's essential to look for a meat delivery subscription that lets you handpick your meats. Or at least a subscription box that allows returns and exchanges. 

You should also look for a company that has new offerings every month. This way, you never get bored of your subscription.

Lastly, the best meat subscription box will have a variety of meat cuts. This way, you get the best cuts, based on your liking.

User-Friendly Website

An easy-to-use website can go a long way. This means having easy and safe access to your account, refined lists, and organized categories. Some companies will even allow you to filter your search by protein.

Remember that online meat subscriptions are meant to be fast, easy, and enjoyable. So ensure you take these factors into consideration as your shopping experience should leave you with a positive memory.

Customer Service

Aside from a user-friendly website, a meat subscription should also have a great online and offline customer service line. This means the website has experts ready to help with any issues. 

Some meat delivery subscriptions offer 24/7 care over the phone, webchats, or emails. In contrast, some companies only offer phone assistance. These factors are important to think about because if something goes wrong with your order, you want to know that you have support.

Subscription Plans

As you already know, some meat subscriptions offer weekly, monthly, daily, or even yearly subscriptions. These offers can sound great, but there are instances where you might need to pause or cancel your services. 

In these cases, it's important to have a flexible subscription. This means you can cancel at any time without any charges.

Other Factors to Consider

When looking for the best meat subscription, consider a company with exotic or a variety of meats—for example, pork, lamb, and steaks.

And if you're looking into a subscription box with a variety of meats, ensure that the chicken is cage-free. You should also check that any fish is wild-caught, and pork is pastry-raised.

These details may seem insignificant. However, they will heavily determine the quality of your meats. Another factor to consider is if the products are certified Kosher products if you practice any religious diets. 

And if you like conserving energy and resources, you should check how the company manufactures and packages its products. For example, is the packaging fully biodegradable or not?  Lastly, if you're on a diet, check to see if the company offers low-carb and low-fat products like fish and poultry.

Finding the Best Meat Subscription Box Just Became Easy

The best meat subscription box can be hard to find. But hopefully, after reading this article, you have a better idea of what to look for. 

And if you think you're ready for your first box, visit our products page for a complete list of quality meats!