The Best Breads for Butter

The Best Breads for Butter

There's no mincing words here, we love our loaves. From French bread to sourdough and rye, every bread is special. With over 100 different types of bread around the world, that's a lot of love. Today though, we're going to feature our top 5 breads to enjoy with butter.


A simple bread full of surprises, this bread was created in Italy during the 20th century by Arnaldo Cavallari as he tried to replicate the French baguette. 

This light, airy bread has a crispy crust exterior with large holes inside, making it perfect for paninis and other sandwiches.

Sourdough bread

A classic and easy to recognize bread, sourdough is mixed with fermented flour and water to create a mildly sour taste. It's recognizable by it's thick crust and soft, chewy interior making it perfect for soups, sandwiches, and toast.

Rye bread

While rye bread can be further categorized into multigrain or a quick bread, we're going to talk about a pure, simple rye bread.

This bread is darker and denser compared to it's wheat flour cousins due to it being made with rye flour. 


Native to Poland and now famous in New York, bagels are prepared by boiling the dough in water before baking, giving them a unique flavor, soft interior, and glossy exterior.

Whether plain or with toppings such as sesame seeds, poppy seeds, or seasonings bagels can be enjoyed with a bit of butter or built into a sandwich.


One of the most popular and well known breads is the baguette. Hailing from France, this bread pairs perfectly with sweet or savory ingredients from jam, butter, pate, and more.

While it's true origins are unknown, what is known is that you will enjoy this bread and the others on this list with our Golden Steer Compound Butter Set.