The Best Steak and Whiskey Pairings to Try

The Best Steak and Whiskey Pairings to Try

A poll from 2021 shows that 89% of Americans include meat as a staple part of their diet. Three in five Americans also believe eating red meat is a standard American diet.

If you are a steak lover, you may have heard about steak and whiskey pairings. Pairing whiskey and steak is a traditional combination where the flavors complement one another.It is also the perfect pairing for anyone who enjoys a strong alcoholic beverage. This guide will help you pair the right steak dish with the right whiskey.

Keep reading to find out how to pair steak and whiskey for the perfect meal.


Paring steak and whiskey is an art form for some people. After all, steak and whiskey are special foods and drinks you may not enjoy daily.

A very common type of steak that people enjoy eating is ribeye steak. This beef has been cut from the outer side of the ribs. This is a highly desirable cut since it has a rich buttery flavor. The texture of the meat is also very tender and holds a lot of juiciness. Overall, it is one of the best options for a cut of steak if you want a side of whiskey. Ribeye is very robust as it has such a rich and fatty flavor.

Because of this, you want a whiskey that can cut through that and provide some freshness. Any kind of whiskey with rich malt and smokiness is the perfect fit. One example of a popular option is Johnnie Walker, known for its smoothness and warmth, as well as notes of fruits, spice, malt, and oak.

Filet or Sirloin

Whiskey and steak combinations are a great way to enjoy two robust flavors. A fillet or a sirloin steak is another steak that pairs well with whiskey.

A steak flat comes from the center area of the tenderloin. This is different from sirloin steak as this is the area of meat that rests against the tenderloin. Because both cuts of steak are so close, they are often lumped into the same category. But a steak fillet is one of the most premium cuts of steak you can enjoy.

It is extremely tender and juicy, perfect for pairing with a strong whiskey. It is more tender than sirloin steak since sirloin is a bit tougher as the area has been exercised more. Many people enjoy pairing a spicy rye whiskey with either of these cuts. But Canadian whiskey is an equally delicious option that packs a powerful punch.

The next time you’re looking for a pairing, consider the Whiskey brands Angels Envy and Whistle Pig, both wonderful options.

Grilled Steak

Everyone enjoys their steak prepared in different ways. But many people would agree that a grilled steak is one of the best ways to enjoy this cut of meat.

One of the best things about grilling steak is that this brings a unique flavor to the meat. You will achieve a smoky flavor that the steak would otherwise lack. Because of this, you will be pairing different kinds of whiskey with a grilled steak than you would with other cuts. Some people enjoy pairing a Tennessee whiskey with this dish.

We recommend pairing the Jack Daniels Sinatra Select, made with their unique “Sinatra Barrels” that have deep grooves specially carved into their staves to expose the whiskey to extra layers of toasted oak. Others enjoy a Canadian rye whiskey or a single malt scotch for a similar effect. The flavor of the whiskey is going to help enhance the smokiness of the grilled steak.

The Best Steak Seasonings With Whiskey

Choosing a whiskey pairing with steak isn’t just about the cut of steak. This also depends on how the steak has been seasoned. The good news is that most steak seasonings have a traditional flavor. Because of this, it is quite easy to pair whiskey with steak, no matter what seasoning you prefer.

Here are some examples of seasonings that help enhance the flavor of the steak and whiskey.

Sergio's Seasoning

The Golden Steer Steak Company is known for its selection of high-quality steaks. But it also provides different meat seasonings that are just as delicious.

One of its classics is Sergio's 8-ounce seasoning. This is a proprietary blend that you will only find at this company.

It is the perfect option for any kind of meat you are cooking. It includes ingredients like salt, celery salt, onion, garlic, turmeric, and paprika. Try pairing it with the Filet Mignon or the Longhorn for a beautiful combination and burst of flavor.

French Cuffs

If you are looking for a unique way to season your steak, look no further, the French Cuffs 8-ounce seasoning offers a burst of French onion flavor.

This seasoning includes dried onions, onion powder, garlic, nutritional yeast, and other ingredients. It has a strong savory onion flavor that goes amazing with steak. Consider pairing it with a Porterhouse or Shorthorn, both fantastic options for a burst of onion flavor.

Salt and Pepper

If you want to keep your meal simple, you don’t need to invest in many seasonings. The standard steak seasoning many people use is a simple combination of salt and pepper.

This helps to enhance the natural flavor of the steak without taking over the show. This is also a perfect option if you want to choose a sharper kind of whiskey.

Whiskey Vs. Wine for Steak

You may be interested in combining steak and whiskey if you are a steak lover. Some people are unsure whether wine or whiskey is the better option.

The truth is that both alcoholic beverages pair beautifully with different cuts of steak. It just comes down to what flavors you prefer. For your next visit, try the Nickel & Nickel versus the Johnnie Walker, and let us know which pairing you prefer!

Steak and Whiskey: The Ultimate Pairings

Are you looking forward to enjoying a steak and whiskey pairing? If so, there are a few ways to pick the perfect combination.

Are you interested in buying high-quality steaks or steak seasoning? Contact us today at Golden Steer Steak Company to look at our options.