The Grilling Checklist You Need This Summer

The Grilling Checklist You Need This Summer

The perfect cookout weather has finally emerged, after long last, and now more than ever is the best time to have your steak cookout! 

Whether you’re grilling for one or are wanting to host friends and family, here is a grilling checklist so that you’re all revved up and ready to grill the best steak of your life.  

Be fully prepared with this list, so that you can focus on the beautiful weather and drink in your hand instead of last minute uh-ohs. 

The Best Steak:

First thing’s first - get the best steak ever!

Grilling Equipment:

Plan ahead and make sure you have all your grilling equipment that you need! 

To have on hand:

Amazing Sides:

Every amazing steak needs sides that are equally amazing. Whether you want to grill those sides alongside your steak or whip them up in the kitchen, here are some delicious starch and veggie sides that are easy to make and will go beautifully with your steak:

Cold Drinks:

There’s only one thing that makes grilling the best steak of your life on a warm summer’s day even more amazing  - having an equally amazing drink in your hand. 

  • If you’re a wine drinker, checkout our wine of the month that will bring out the best in your steak.
  • If you’re looking for something colder and with a little more oomph, checkout our Gold Fashioned cocktail recipe that’s our personal spin on a good old fashion here at the Steer. 

  Be sure to have other beverages on hand as well, especially if you’re grilling for a group and it’s warm out. Don’t forget:

  • Water (lots of it!)
  • Ice
  • Cold beers
  • Sodas, lemonade, and/or iced tea for those hankering for something not so boozy
  • And of course, be sure to never forget your bottle opener and corkscrew! 


With this checklist, you’re all prepared to enjoy the best grilled steak of your life, alongside the best sides and drinks for your cookout.

The only thing better than fresh from the grill steak is the steak leftovers (if there are any). If you end up with some, checkout these 4 ways to enjoy your steak leftovers!

Photo credit: Skitter Photo