The Steaks are High on Game Day: Ultimate Superbowl Party

The Steaks are High on Game Day: Ultimate Superbowl Party

Our lives have been shaken up and spit back out upside-down this last year, forcing us to reevaluate everything from what’s important to us, to how to make life special, when so many events have been canceled and down-sized. 

In the wake of covid, we have had to reinvent many traditions, and now we are faced with having to downsize one of the biggest American traditions - the Super Bowl. 

Why not jump at this opportunity of being forced into an unconventional Super Bowl celebration, and turn it into an intimate and special event? Add a little oomph to your game day by cooking an extra special treat for yourself. 

Just because you have to downsize your gathering, doesn’t mean you have to downsize your experience. In fact, this is the perfect time to switch up traditions and take your Super Bowl experience to the next level. 

We got your back. Steak is here to save the game day. 

Quantity Over Quality?

The average amount of calories consumed by Americans on Super Bowl Sunday is an astounding 2,400. The only day that we consume more is on Thanksgiving. 

If you’re going to follow the traditional menu, be sure to invest in some sweatpants beforehand. Approximately 12.5 million pizzas and 1.33 billion chicken wings are consumed on Super Bowl Sundays, among many, many other things.

We sure do like to spend a hefty dollar on it as well. The average Super Bowl host spends $207.16. 

This, not surprisingly, leads to the “Super Sick Monday” the next day, resulting in over 17 million Americans calling in sick. 

Maybe it’s time to switch things up this year. As covid has shown us, some changes are a breath of fresh air when we didn’t even realize we needed it. Maybe this year focus on quality over quantity, and invest the money you would normally spend on bulk food for your watch party on your own taste buds.

Beef Up Your Super Bowl Bash

Superbowl Checklist

Whether you’re bummed because you can’t watch the game with your usual crowd or because you don’t know how you’ll manage to eat the whole spread by yourself, science says that grass fed beef can be a major mood booster - be it from the covid blues, constant restlessness and lack of human connection that so many of us are craving lately, or your Super Bowl team losing. 

How crazy is it that steak literally improves your smile, and we all know that we all need that right now, especially after last year. The phosphorus in red meat protects the enamel on those pearly whites. What more do you need from a mood-enhancing food!?

It has been proven to help battle depression. With gatherings being so small, and so many still pushing through more isolation and not being able to spend quality time with family and friends lately, we need all of the help that we can get. Besides, if your team loses, you’ll already be filled to the brim with a mood-booster.

Speaking of spirits, whatever kind you’re into, steak is it’s best friend.

Steak Up Your Game Day a Notch

The Super Bowl can cause tension to be high, and that’s why it’s important that you have everything you need on hand to alleviate the stress of the scores. 

Make sure you have the perfect beverages to pair with your spread for the ultimate relaxation during the game. 

For wine drinkers, the rich fats and flavors of steak pair well with a good red. If you’re a white wine drinker, try something like a lightly oaked Chardonnay, where the crispness will cut through the steak’s beefiness. Factors such as how fatty a cut you have and how rare or charred your steak is play a role in what type of wine to pair it with to bring out the most flavors. 

For all of you who will be partaking in beer during the game (which is most of you), try savoring a stout or porter with your steak. If you’re having something leaner, try having it with a nutty brown. Match the intensity of the meat with the body of the beer. The fattier the cut, aim for the more bitter beer.

For those who need a stronger sort of drink to ease your game nerves, whiskey is your (and your steak’s) best friend. Be adventurous! Like wine and beer, the different factors of the steak play a role in what type of whisky to select to bring out the most flavor. The more fat, the more robust the whiskey should be.

Steak it up Baby

As opposed to bumming around in your pajamas and embracing the covid gloom that comes with the isolation that we are all so used to by now, treat your taste buds during this watch party. 

Crazy idea- don’t be a participant in “Super Sick Monday” this year. Take this time to truly reinvent your Super Bowl Sunday this year, and to cater to your body and mind by creating a mouthwatering meal for yourself. 

With our USDA Prime Signature Cuts of steak shipped directly to your door and then paired with your favorite Super Bowl beverages, this could be your best gathering yet.


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