Top 5 Pro Tips for Cooking a Great Steak

Top 5 Pro Tips for Cooking a Great Steak

According to the USDA, the average American consumes around 219 pounds of meat every year. Additionally, the US ranked first among countries with an enormous appetite for meat globally. As a meat lover, you’d want to enjoy the perfect bite, so knowing how to cook a great steak is vital.

If it’s your first time cooking steak, it’s understandable that you want everything to turn out perfect. Luckily, you don’t need many tools or fancy skills to get a decent steak. However, there are some rules to follow when preparing and cooking steak for impressive results.

Remember, it takes time and some practice to get the perfect steak. Don’t be too hard on yourself the first time. The most important thing is to be bold and enjoy making the steak.

Making the perfect steak requires knowing how to go about it. Here are five pro tips for cooking a great steak.

  1. Choose the Right Meat

How your steak turns out depends on what meat you have. Even the best chefs can’t make the perfect steaks on the wrong type of meat. Choosing the right meat is the most important step towards getting a decent steak.

There are levels for how to recognize good steak, including:

Check the USDA ratings

The USDA rates steak based on the marbling and texture. The ratings are:

  • Select: The lowest quality meat readily available and perfect for roasts
  • Choice: A quality cut with significant marbling and tenderness. The meat grade is popular and perfectly acceptable for grilling
  • Prime: The highest quality meat available, with the most marbling, texture, and flavor. Such meats are costly and considerably rare, but make the best steak

Find the Perfect Cut

Although most people think all steak is equal, such an assumption is wrong. An avid steak lover will tell there’s a difference in flavor. Here are some types of meat cuts

  • Filet: a common crowd-pleaser due to the tenderness of its cut. Filet is considered a quality cut, although less marbling makes it less flavorful
  • Ribeye: a flavorful cut due to the excessive marbling
  • Strip Steak: firm meat with good flavor; the perfect balance between the filet and ribeye

Check the Aging

One of the underrated tips for good steak is checking the aging. Aged beef is more flavorful, as every steak pro would attest. Check whether the meat is wet or dry-aged, and choose your delight.

Pro tip: Ensure the steak is at least 1 inch thick for a good sear on the steak and not overcook it. Check through the collection as you shop steaks to enjoy a flavorful selection.

  1. Be Conscious about Temperature

The temperature of the steak before and during cooking determines the outcome you get. Watch the temperature of your steak for an impressive end result.

You can’t cook your steak straight out of the fridge; otherwise, you risk disappointment. Bring your steak to room temperature first by letting the steak sit out in the open for at least an hour.

Also, when cooking, you need to be aware of the steaks’ temperature for an even cook. Keep a thermometer in hand to check the temperature of your steak for a consistent cook. Checking the temperature also ensures you don’t overcook the steak.

  1. Season Well and Let It Rest

Seasoning the steak is also pivotal for a decent end product. Again, you don’t need to be too fancy; you only need four items at most: salt, pepper, butter, and olive oil. The seasoning products shouldn’t override your meat’s natural flavor.

Rub your steak with salt like 12-24 hours before cooking it. The longer the rubbed steak sits, the longer the salt has to penetrate into inner meat fibers. You get the steak to taste as good on the inside as it does on the outside.

The butter and olive oil are essential to accentuate the flavor and ensure a nice crust. It would be best to use pepper as per individual preferences.

  1. Sear the Steak in a Hot Pan

I’m sure you’d love your steak with the juicy flavors on the inside and crusty on the outside. This is only achievable when you sear the steak on a really hot pan.

Achieving the perfect steak requires you to cook it fast to achieve the nice medium rare you’d want. Experts recommend 145° F for medium and 160° F for well-done steaks. Measure the steak’s internal temperature and remove it just before it gets to the desired degrees.

Cooking the steak at lower temperatures drains the juices from the meat. To end up with a juicy steak, ensure the pan is extremely hot to keep the juices in.

Pro tip: Use a cast-iron skillet for the best results. Non-stick pans can’t handle the heat and thus aren’t the most favorable.

  1. Let the Steak Rest

Now that the steak is ready, I’m sure you’re yearning to sink your teeth into the freshly grilled steak. However, it’s advisable to let the steak rest once it’s off the heat. You’ll find that the rest is worth the wait, since it betters the flavor.

Letting the meat rest ensures the carryover cooking finishes before eating steak. The meat fibers can reabsorb juices, offering you a final tender product.

The thumb rule for letting your steak rest is by allowing it 3 to 5 minutes after it’s cooked. However, the size of the cut determines your steak’s ideal resting time. After it’s all rested, you cannot indulge in the perfect steak and satisfy your taste buds.

You Now Know the Pro Tips for Cooking a Great Steak

Cooking a great steak doesn’t have to be challenging. The above article highlights the pro tips for cooking the perfect steak. Experts recommend finding the best steak as an essential step for the perfect outcome.

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