Your Complete Guide to Buying Steaks Online

Your Complete Guide to Buying Steaks Online

Americans love their homegrown beef.  So far this year, 88% of our beef was consumed by beef lovers at home. 

Have your friends told you about buying steaks online? It's a gourmet experience you can't miss.  This is a luxury you can afford. 

How do you know which online provider is the best choice for you? Do some research online and take these factors into account to get the best one.

It's worth the time to ensure you choose the best online retailer for this important part of your meals.

Here's a step-by-step guide to the benefits of buying steaks online.

Discover the Highest Quality Steaks Online

It's important to know the pedigree of your beef. Reputable suppliers will tell you the source of their products.

All-natural USDA prime beef comes from reputable ranches in Colorado and Nebraska.  Other ranches in the U.S. are reliable sources.  Ensure they provide beef that is from the top 5% of beef produced by American farmers. 

Your Steaks Will be Tender and Delicious

A recent national analysis said that 89% of Americans include meat as part of their healthy diet. Buying steaks online is a great way to get delicious, healthy meals delivered to your door.

When Angus cattle are grass-fed and grain-finished, it improves the marbling of steaks.  That gives them a buttery flavor and makes them more tender.

Check to see if they prepare their steaks with care and wet-age them in their own juices. The result is a fine-tasting steak.

Careful Preparation and Packaging

Hand-cut steaks have a sheen that you can't achieve using a saw.  Steaks cut with a saw end up with bone dust on the meat.  The butcher has to use a scraper to remove it.  This always leaves a bit of dust behind. A hand-cut steak indicates the level of care taken with your meat.

Wet-aging is the process of sealing the hand-cut product in its own juices and allowing it to age.  Aging improves the tenderness and flavor of the beef. Experts recommend you wet-age your steaks for a period of 25 to 28  for the best results.

The hand-cut steaks are vacuum-sealed in their own juices. Then they are frozen to capture the moment of greatest freshness.  They are then placed in an insulated cooler with care and surrounded by a layer of dry ice.  The package is tucked inside a sturdy exterior box. 

Freezing the steaks seals in freshness and protects the quality during shipping.  It also allows customers to enjoy their steaks at their leisure.

Fast Delivery

Free shipping within the continental U.S. is preferable.  It's common to receive your shipment within 3 days. 

How your meat is treated during shipping is important.  A company that has a partnership with a reputable shipping company is best. 

The shipping provider should have regulated facilities designed to keep your products fresh. Shipping experts will ensure your product arrives in mint condition every time you ship steaks.

When you need your meat right away, a supplier that provides overnight shipping is a great choice. 

Buying Steaks Online is Convenient

You don't have to stand in line at your local butchers to get high-quality steaks. When you have a trusted provider, you will always get the best steak delivery service.

Imagine the luxury of placing your order with confidence from the comfort of your own home.  No more need for making tedious lists or making extra trips to the store. 

Just login and place your order.  You can relax, knowing you'll be taken care of. A steak box subscription is a convenient way to order your meat.

Get Support From Expert Chefs

Now that you've discovered the best way to shop fillets, it's time to plan the preparation.  Recipe ideas from a trusted steakhouse are a great start.  Discover new flavors and reinvent old favorites with help from professionals.

Special Occasions and Steak Gifts

Some suppliers will allow you to schedule special shipments.  That lets you plan ahead for a special occasion meal. 

Send a shipment to a friend or business acquaintance. They will be genuinely surprised and delighted.  It's a great way to show your appreciation for excellent service or for a job well done.

A Generous Refund Policy

Sometimes things happen on the road. It's inevitable.  A reputable company will have you covered.

Your steak company should offer a hassle-free refund for damaged products. Read the returns section of their website carefully. Find out what evidence they will accept as proof of damage. It's important to know they stand behind their product.

Be sure that you can request a refund if your steaks arrive in damaged or inedible condition. That shows they have confidence in their shipping service provider.

A good company will show its trust in you as a customer. One way is by allowing you to send photos of the damaged product instead of requiring a product return.

Decide Which Company to Trust

Discover the benefits of a specialist. A company that has a proven track record will stand out from the rest.  Be sure to read online reviews and don't forget to ask your friends.

Your checklist should include these important key buying tips.  

  • What is the pedigree of the steaks they sell? 
  • How will they treat your meat?
  • How reputable is their shipping service?
  • What are their refund and return policies when you order steaks?
  • Is their website clear and easy to understand?
  • Do they provide other resources such as recipes or guides to different cuts of steak?

We'll Deliver the Best Steaks Right to Your Door 

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