The Sapphire Set

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The Golden Steer has been a cherished icon in Las Vegas since 1958. This year, we are celebrating our 65th anniversary - which has been no small feat. To commemorate this momentous occasion, we have meticulously crafted an anniversary set that pays homage to our culinary legacy, allowing you to experience the essence of the restaurant at home.

This limited edition set includes 4 of our best-selling kitchen staples, including our delectable Maitre d’Butter, our signature Steakhouse Sergio’s Seasoning blend, our decadent Flambé Butter, and our all-new bold Pepper Mafia Seasoning blend.

Products included in this set:

Maitre d' Butter 8oz: Our decadent chef-crafted garlic and herb compound butter is more than just a signature steak topping; use it to elevate just about any dish from ordinary to extraordinary.

Flambé Butter 8oz: Inspired by our world-famous Bananas Foster dessert, we’ve turned this tableside treat into a rich indulgence fitting of kicking off the new era of the Golden Steer in its 65th year.

Sergio's Seasoning 6oz: The perfect standalone seasoning for steaks or as a base for chicken, seafood, and more. This salt & pepper blend is used on every steak served at Golden Steer Steakhouse in Las Vegas.

Pepper Mafia Seasoning 8oz: This unique pepper fusion brings a touch of mystique to your culinary adventures, replicating the essence of freshly ground pepper with a nostalgic, old-school charm - no fancy pepper grinder required.

Unbelievably Versatile

A world of culinary possibilities await with our rich and flavorful compound butters. Crafted with real ingredients, from fresh herbs to roasted garlic — these butters are the secret weapon to elevating the everyday meal.

Spread Flambé Butter over your morning pancakes for a dulcet touch to start the day.

For succulent rotisserie chicken, baste with Maitre d’ Butter to infuse with rich garlic flavor.

Finish a steak with a sumptuous dollop of Prime Butter that slow melts, adding savory juiciness.

Recipe Inspiration

All the Ways to Enjoy

Every Dish, Every Time

Every great steak needs awesome sidekicks. 

As we find ourselves in the midst of spring where steak cookouts and barbeques are multiplying like baby rabbits, this is the perfect time of year to use fresh produce to whip up sides to complement those steaks that you’ve poured your heart and soul into.

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Vibrant Delectable Salmon

Looking for a simple yet sensational seafood dish that will impress your family or guests? Look no further than this mouthwatering recipe for Garlic Butter Salmon and Asparagus.

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Indulgent Pastas with Butter Sauce

In the realm of culinary endeavors, some recipes stand out not just for their flavors but for the sophistication and distinguished aura they bring to the table. Picture this: a dish that embodies decades of culinary experienceand the adventurous spirit of a risk-taker. Introducing our delectable creation – Shrimp Pasta with De Jonghe Elegance.

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Succulent Roasted Vegetables

Say it five times fast - 5 ways to enjoy in under 5 minutes. We're going to teach you just a few ways to indulge in our compound butter at home. All you need is a dollop of our Maitre d' Butter and your favorite dishes.

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USDA Prime Steak Dinners

Pre-searing a steak is a great cooking method when you are short on time. Use this method when you are crunched for time in the kitchen. This is also an awesome method because when you start by pan-searing your steak, it gives the meat a nice crispy crust. 

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Tom Kares
Great Products!!

Order yourself some of this deliciousness!!!

Maurice DiBuduo
The Best!!

Can’t go wrong with Golden Steer steak products!!

Dan DeCarlo
Best Filet I have ever had!!

We were lucky enough to get reservations while we were in town and loved every bite of food! Service was wonderful and I will go every time I visit Vegas!!! Happy Anniversary and cheers to your future successes!!